2911 Wusthof Tri Stone Sharpener

2911 Wusthof Tri Stone Sharpener

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2911 Wusthof Tri Stone Sharpener

The Wusthof Tri Stone Sharpener will keep your knives razor sharp thanks to the 3 sharpening surfaces - fine (J3000), medium (J1000), and coarse (J240) grit. To achieve a razor sharp edge, start with the coarse grit stone and work your way to the fine grit, applying honing oil as you go to ensure that the blade moves easily across the stone. Includes a water bottle for re-wetting the stones during use. Can be used on double as well as single-edged blades. This stone uses water, not oil, for sharpening.

  • The perfect tool for restoring your favorite kitchen knives to like-new condition
  • Features stones in three different "grits" to help restore the razor-sharp edge on your wusthof knives
  • Includes a water-bottle for re-wetting the stone during use
  • Includes a durable wooden storage case
  • Made in Solingen, Germany by expert blade makers at Wusthof, a family owned company since 1814
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