PR778B Primo Oval XL Outdoor Grill - Black

PR778B Primo Oval XL Outdoor Grill - Black

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Suggested Accessories

AddPR603 Primo Teak Table for Oval XL Grill
Our hand-made Teak Table for the Primo Oval XL is designed with mortise and tenon construction for extra strength and long-lasting use. The Oval XL table measures 59" wide by 37" deep and provides plenty of space for cooking plates and other Primo accessories. The table is the perfect height at 32.75" and has 4 large (2 locking and 2 non-locking) wheels.
AddPR602 Primo Compact Cypress Table for Oval XL Grill
Our hand-made Compact Cypress Table for the Oval XL gives you the convenience of a movable table without taking up much space. The Oval XL table measures 45" wide by 25" deep.and is a perfect height at 32" and has 4 revolving and lockable wheels
Our hand-made Cypress Table for the Oval XL is a great addition to your Primo grill. It measures 61" wide by 38" deep giving you plenty of cooking space for plates and other accessories. The table is a perfect height at 32" and has 4 revolving and lockable wheels.
AddPR334 Primo Cast Iron Divider for Oval XL
Use our handy Firebox Divider in your Primo Oval XL or Oval Junior to partition the firebox. This allows you to cook using direct heat on one side of the grill and indirect on the other side! Or it will allow you to only use half of your grill for smaller cookouts.
AddPR360 Primo Half Moon Cast Iron Griddle for Oval XL
Our half-moon cast iron griddle for the is perfect for frying eggs, making pancakes, sautéing vegetables and much more! It's uniquely designed with a smooth surface on one side and a grooved surface on the other, along with a convenient drip collection system.
AddPR361 Primo Half Moon Cast Iron Searing Grate for Oval XL
Our half-moon cast iron grate is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron for retaining heat. It's the ideal way to sear meats, locking in juices when grilling at high temperatures. [
The patented Primo Oval XL features up to 680 square inches of standard cooking surface! Other features include a cast iron chimney cap, easy to read thermometer, reversible cooking grates and stainless steel lower vent door.

  • The Primo grill is composed of the finest ceramic blend for superior heat and moisture retention. With 60% more efficiency than other ceramic grills, Primo burns less fuel, reaches the desired cooking temperature faster, and allows less moisture to escape, reducing cooking times and producing jucier meat and more flavorful food.
  • Patented Oval Shape. Our unique oval design allows for greater flexbility and versatility.
  • Our unique oval design also allows for you to cook using both direct and indirect methods at the same time! Using our divider plate (sold separately), you can cook a steak with direct heat on one side and chicken with indirect heat on the other side!
  • Primo makes it fun to cook. But more importantly, Primo gives your food the absolute best flavor. You need to taste the difference!
  • Primo grills are the ONLY ceramic grills made in the USA. Our founder and leaders oversee the entire creation process to ensure each grill meets our quality standards.
  • 400 Sq/inch cooking surface. Expandable to 830 sq/inch with accessories)
  • Stainless steel bottom vent door and cast-iron chimney top vent
  • Precision temperature gauge
  • Auto-locking hinge system and cool-touch ergonomic handle
  • Felt gasket insulates heat

    Approximate Dimensions (Inches)
    Height: 27.5
    Width: 28
    Depth: 21.5

    These dimensions are for general purposes only. Due to the nature of kiln fired ceramics, these measurements should not be used for any application requiring detailed measurements. You should measure your actual Primo Grill prior to building any structure or cutting installation holes.

    Primo Grill Accessories

    Primo Grills and Smokers Warranty
    Creative Ceramic Technologies, Inc. (CCT) warrants to the original purchaser of this Primo Grill and Smoker that it is free of defects in material and workmanship at the date of purchase for the following periods:
  • Twenty (20) years for all ceramic parts
  • Five (5) years for all metal parts (excluding cast-iron parts)
  • One (1) year for all cast-iron parts
  • Thirty (30) days on thermometers and felt gaskets
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