With DCS, cooking to restaurant standards can be the norm rather than the exception.
Our ranges are as powerful as your imagination and give you ultimate control. Nothing initiates, controls or arrests heat as powerfully and precisely as a DCS Natural Gas Range.

DCS Natural Gas Ranges are available in a variety of cooktop configurations to best meet your cooking needs. DCS offers a multitude of features and options like convection, telescopic racking, brushed stainless steel, sealed burners, grills and griddles. Turn on the gas of the DCS sealed Dual Flow Burner™ and you’ll get a burner delivering 17,500 BTU’s, the most in the category. Simply stated, nothing boils water faster. This means more impressive dinners in a shorter time.
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DCS Natural Gas Ranges 30 INCHES WIDE
DCS Natural Gas Ranges 36 INCHES WIDE
DCS Natural Gas Ranges 48 INCHES WIDE

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