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G6880SCVI Miele 24" Lumen Series Built In Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Knock2Open and AutoSensor Technology - Custom Panel

The 24" Lumen series ADA compliant dishwasher features big capacitty for maximum load with 16 place settings and 12 wash programs. The fully integrated control panel makes the unit entirely blend in your kitchen setting while the 42 dBA quiet rating will make you forget there is a dishwasher functioning in the kitchen.


Miele Basket Design
Basket handles, a functionally redesigned lower basket as well as many innovative functions in the upper basket: Miele dishwashers usher in a new era of basket design.

Unique: The appliance can integrate perfectly into handleless kitchens; the door opens automatically when tapped.

MaxiComfort Basket Design
The PremiumComfort basket design has the following characteristics: 3D cutlery tray, stainless steel basket handles, height-adjustable upper basket with support rail for glasses, hinged spike row and jumbo cup rack with adjustable width in upper basket, MultiComfort area in the lower basket, two spike rows and four height-adjustable holders for glasses in the lower basket, fold-away support rail for glasses and fold-away bottle holder in the lower basket.

MultiComfort Area in the Lower Basket
The new and unique MultiComfort area can hold plates of various sizes (up to 13 in ) in three rows. cutting boards, serving platters and hollow containers such as bowls or tall beer glasses can also be placed there in a space-saving manner. In some models the entire lower basket can be easily rearranged to provide a large, flat surface for large pots and pans and bulky items.

Ergonomic Basket
Ergonomic basket handles make loading and unloading easier. The high quality is evident in the premium materials used in their manufacture.

Hinged Bottle Holder
Bottles, vases and other slender and tall containers can be placed securely in the bottle holder in the lower basket. The bottle holder is positioned so that the action of the spray arm cleans the inside of the containers thoroughly. The bottle holder can simply be folded away if more space is required for other items of dishware.

Ideal for Glassware
Optimum loading options for glasses: Height-adjustable holders for glasses and a special support rail for glasses in the lower basket ensure that long-stemmed glasses are held securely - for low temperature cleaning and sparkling results.

Patented 3D+ Cutlery Tray
Versatility is key with the intelligent 3D+ cutlery tray. Width, height and depth are variable and can be adjusted to all load situations. Thanks to hinged rows of spikes in the center you have more space for larger cutlery items such as salad servers or cooking knives. The adjustable side sections even allow you to place long-stemmed glasses in the upper basket. Added versatility for perfect cleaning results.

The ambient temperature in the kitchen and the size of the load in the dishwasher can affect the drying process. "In the Sensor wash program, SensorDry ensures optimum drying results even under conditions that are not ideal."

Hot Water Connection
All Miele dishwashers can be connected to a hot water supply of up to 140F. This reduces power consumption by up to 50% and the program duration by up to 10%. In the Economy program the energy consumption of your dishwasher drops to as little as 0.45 kWh.

EcoTech Heat Reservoir
Thanks to the EcoTech heat storage the heat energy of the water is not wasted, but transferred to the incoming fresh water. The EcoTech heat storage reservoir is located in the right side panel of the dishwasher and consists of two separate water ways: the water reservoir and inside it the loop system. The inner and outer dimensions of the dishwasher remain unchanged.

Double WaterProof System
DoubleWaterProof System Miele's "connect and protect" dual-water-proof system automatically shuts off the water supply to the dishwasher In the context of terms and conditions of the water protection system Miele will bear the costs for property damage resulting from any defect of the system or blockage is detected.

Delay Start with Integrated Time Left Indicator
The 24 hoursour delay start option allows you to operate your dishwasher whenever suits you best and also to take advantage of cheaper (night-time) electricity tarifs. The countdown indicator lets you know how long the selected program has to run. This keeps you informed on the program status of your dishwasher at all times.

Hygienically clean: Baby bottles, cutting boards, etc. are thoroughly cleaned and bacteria-free, Certified by the Institut fr Angewandte Forschung GmbH [Institute for Applied Science]

Wash Cycles
Normal, Express, Pots and Pans, SaniWash, Rinse and Hold, China and Crystal, Extra Quiet, Clean Machine, Grates and Filters, Energy Saver, Economy, Sensor Wash

Approximate Dimensions (Inches)
Height: 34.25"
Width: 23.56"
Depth: 22.44"

Consult product installation guide for exact dimensions.

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

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