KM5773 Miele 36" Induction Cooktop - Black

KM5773 Miele 36" Induction Cooktop - Black

KM5773 Miele 36" Induction Cooktop - BlackKM5773 Miele 36" Induction Cooktop - BlackKM5773 Miele 36" Induction Cooktop - Black
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KM5773 Miele 36" Induction Cooktop - Black
Explore the features of the KM5773 induction cooktop from Miele

Burner Configuration
  • 5 heating elements
  • 5 cooking zones
  • (2) single zones of 9"
  • (2) single zones of 6 5/16"
  • (1) single zone of 11"

    Standard Features
  • Induction heating - The cooking surface is cool in operation and only generates heat where the pan sits. As soon as the pan is removed, the flow of heat stops immediately
  • Automatic cookware recognition - The size of the pan is recognized, and heat is only generated where the pan is detected, saving energy and time. The zone will automatically switch off when the pan is removed and no more energy will be released, guaranteeing safe, easy operation
  • Booster function
  • Auto Heat-up function gives an initial thrust to the normal power output to bring the pan up to temperature rapidly
  • Center control panel with ComfortControl Plus sensor controls
  • Power levels 1-9 with digital display
  • Timer settings, freely-assignable for all cooking zones
  • Stop and Go function automatically reduces the power level to the lowest setting for all active zones
  • Child safety lock
  • Safety cut-out feature - If something spills over into the control panel or you place something like a dish towel over the controls, the cooktop will switch itself off automatically, to prevent accidental burning or igniting
  • Overheating protection
  • Residual Heat Indicator - This special safety device alerts you to residual heat from a specific burner after that burner has been turned off

    Approximate Overall Dimensions:
    Height 2 9/16"
    Width  36 5/8"
    Depth 20 1/4"
    Before install, consult product information included with shipment. > Don't forget to double check your dimensions.
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