The relative sound of Vent-A-Hood's Magic Lung blower operating at capacity and compare that to the sound of hoods in operation from other manufacturers. Conducted and endorsed by Dallas Audio Post, Vent-A-Hood was the only hood measured in decibels to be below casual conversation level.

Our patented technology keeps your kitchen running smoothly.

The Magic Lung® blower system sets Vent-A-Hood® apart. You shouldn't settle for anything less than the Magic Lung® because it is:

Quiet. Turn on a Vent-A-Hood® and you'll hear only a whisper of air movement, because the Magic Lung® system provides the quietest ventilation available. Vent-A-Hood®s with halogen lights also feature SensaSource® (see left). With SensaSource®, when full blower power is not needed, you can lower the blower speed for even quieter operation.

Efficient. The powerful Magic Lung® blower traps cooking contaminants, liquefies grease vapor and removes heat-polluted air. Because the Magic Lung® blower combines sufficient air pressure and constant speed with centrifugal filtration-and because it doesn't pull air through a filter-it is the most efficient kitchen ventilation available today.

Easy-cleaning. The Magic Lung® housing snaps apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or with warm, soapy water. Moreover, the Magic Lung® is the only ventilation system that collects the grease in the easily cleaned housing rather than in hard-to-reach areas behind a mesh or baffle filter.

Fire-safety. The Magic Lung® blower system is designed so that if the motor is running properly, the system will liquefy grease in the sealed blower housing and create a pressure barrier, lowering the risk of an attic or wall fire. In 70+ years of manufacturing this system, Vent-A-Hood® has never received a report of an attic or wall fire when the Magic Lung® blower has been in use.

Powerful. Magic Lung® blowers can be configured to provide the power you need for even the most demanding cooking surface. Each highly efficient Magic Lung® blower supplies 300 CFM of air movement; you can combine multiple blowers in a single Vent-A-Hood® to create the perfect ventilation for your cooking surface.


Vent-A-Hood equips halogen-light range hood models with SensaSource®, an integrated motor and heat sensor that perfectly balances extra-quiet operation with full-power performance. During light cooking, the motor operates at low speed. When the temperature inside the Vent-A-Hood® rises to unacceptable levels - or before a range fire occurs - the heat sensor switches the motor to high speed. The motor returns to quiet operation when the temperature is safely lowered. SensaSource® is not available on fluorescent-light models.