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G4720SCISS Mile 18" Integrated Slimline Dishwasher with Hidden Controls and Cutlery Tray - Clean Touch Stainless Steel


The best care for your glasses
Soft water will clean dishware thoroughly but has an aggressive effect on glass. To counter this, Miele dishwashers feature Perfect GlassCare technology. It ensures that your glasses are washed gently - so you can enjoy then for many years.

Sensor Dry
The ambient temperature in the kitchen and the size of the load in the dishwasher can affect the drying process. "In the Sensor wash program, SensorDry ensures optimum drying results even under conditions that are not ideal.

Hot Water Connection
All Miele dishwashers can be connected to a hot water supply of up to 140°F. This reduces power consumption by up to 50% and the program duration by up to 10%. In the Economy program the energy consumption of your dishwasher drops to as little as 0.45 kWh.

Half Load
Using automatic load recognition, Miele dishwashers automatically detect the amount of dishware in the wash cabinet and adjust the use of water and electricity accordingly. Thanks to this automatic function you don't always have to wait until your dishwasher is fully loaded.

Double WaterProof System
DoubleWaterProof System Miele's "connect and protect" dual-water-proof system automatically shuts off the water supply to the dishwasher In the context of terms and conditions of the water protection system Miele will bear the costs for property damage resulting from any defect of the system or blockage is detected.

Clean Touch Steel Front
Miele fascia panels made of Clean Touch Steel™ have a special surface finish. This protects the surface from visible fingerprints. "In addition, Clean Touch Steel™ stainless steel is easy to clean without the need for special cleaning agents.

Experience how easily the Miele door opens and closes. Convenient: The door remains in the position of your choice.

Approximate Dimensions (Inches)
Height: 31 3/4""
Width: 17 3/4"
Depth: 22 1/2"

Consult product installation guide for exact dimensions.

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

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