Indulge your untamed appetites with a fast-heating JennAir radiant cooktop in sleek glass. The most powerful radiant cooktops in their classes feature white LED emotive controls and a variety of element sizes and wattages.


Most Powerful Radiant Cooktop In Its Class
The four-element, 10,300-watt 30" JEC4430H is the most powerful radiant cooktop in its class

Most Powerful Radiant Element In The Industry
The 12"/9"/6" Triple-Choice element is the most powerful radiant element available on 36- and 30-inch electric radiant cooktops. It reaches up to 4,500 watts when all three tiers are activated.

Feel the Rush
Invoke inspiration with the fastest boiling in leading luxury.

Versatile Installation
Install without limits. This JennAir cooktop can be installed true flush or semi-flush at 3mm above any level countertop, including an island or peninsula.

Oblivion Glass Surface
Plunge into the tranquility of smooth, shadow-black glass that lures you in - and wipes down easily.

10"/6" Dual-Choice Element
Plunge into the tranquility of smooth, shadow-black glass that lures you in - and wipes down easily.

Emotive Controls
Striking, intuitive and easy to clean. Inviting controls wait expectantly for the lightest touch to unleash performance.

Install Over Single Wall Oven
Versatility and functionality converge with the ability to install in a countertop above our single wall oven.

True Flush Installation
Pique curiosity. A true flush installation makes the Oblivion Glass surface melt into its surroundings, luring you in.

Remote Access
Check cooking status. Personalize settings. Connect to WiFi for real-time notifications and monitor your appliance from anywhere. Tap and swipe on both iOS and Android devices.

Oblivion Glass Design
Sleek black glass that seizes its surroundings. Lose yourself in the depths of infinite possibilities that dare you to explore your limits.

Radiant Elements
Beneath the sleek, black cooktop surface, fast-heating elements deliver heat upon command.

8" 1,800-Watt Single Element
This element has an output of up to 1,800 watts and is ideally sized for medium cookware and offers the power to perform a wide variety of cooking tasks.

6" 1,300-Watt Single Element
A fast-heating element ideally sized for small sauce pans and sauciers that can reach up to 1,300 watts of power and as low as 300 watts.

Individual Power Controls
Impose your will. The most usable radiant cooktop from JennAir offers up total and utter control.

6" 1,200-Watt Single Element
A fast-heating heating element ideally sized for small sauce pans and sauciers that can reach up to 1,200 watts of power.

Simmer Function
Provides the optimal temperature for gently cooking delicate sauces and foods.

Keep Warm Function
Reward anticipation. Summon any element to deliver low heat and keep tempting dishes ready and waiting for the right moment.

Melt Function
Ribbons of molten chocolate. Butter that yields to your knife. All elements are at your beck and call, ready to melt and soften with delicate heat that ignites passionate appetites.

Hot Surface Indicators
Lights positioned at the controls instantly show which element is still hot - even if the element has been turned off.

Kitchen Timer
The kitchen timer can be set in hours, minutes, and seconds and counts down the set time. Setting a kitchen timer will remind you when it's time to check your food, but will not turn your burner element off.

Power On Indicator Light
See at a glance that power is on for an electric radiant element.

Control Lock
Control Lock prevents unintended use of the cooktop and ensures complete, simple cleaning of the controls.

Cooktop Power Off Function
Conveniently turn off all radiant elements at once.

Culinary Intelligence
You'll indulge in culinary adventures tailored precisely to your preferences with step-by-step recipes, timers and more. Look and learn your way to unforgettable dishes.

ADA Compliant
Designed to meet ADA standards when installed according to the ADA guidelines.

On-Demand Experts
Connect with the JennAir Epicenter through chat, email, or call to tap into the brilliant minds of experts who know JennAir appliances inside and out. Receive diagnostic codes on the app and they'll deploy service targeted to your cooktop's best interest.

Appliance Monitoring
Access information from afar. Receive notifications via the app whenever the cooktop is in use and know exactly which elements are operating.

Serviced by a Select Few
We narrowed down our dedicated network to only the most experienced providers. Armed with extensive access to products and knowledge, their expertise is unmatched.

Element Timer
Master culinary itineraries with individual element timers. Track time on each one simultaneously and receive notifications on status and completion via the app.

Enlightenment at your fingertips. Receive notifications to your mobile device when timers are finished or when an element has been left on past a set period of time.

Element Education
Reveal insights on how to maximize element capabilities based on how and what you want to cook.

Energy History
Access energy reports to uncover usage details per cycle.

Cooktop Left On Notification
This notification will appear when your cooktop has been left on for a set amount of time. Cooktop elements cannot be turned off remotely from the app.

Cooktop Start Notification
Always know when the cooktop is turned on. As the primary user, you'll receive a notification whenever someone else uses the cooktop.

Power On Indicator Light
See at a glance that power is on for an electric radiant element.

Approximate Dimensions (Inches)
Height: 5 1/4
Width: 30 13/16
Depth: 21 3/4
CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

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