Vent-A-Hood liner inserts are mounted inside of decorative wood, plaster, tile or metal hoods. (Plaster or tile hoods are generally made of plywood and covered with plaster or tile.) Note that the only place where the liner insert and the outside cover must meet and fit is at the bottom edge of the metal liner insert, in both width and depth-the height of a liner insert can be much shorter than the height of the decorative hood.

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BHSLD Vent-A-Hood 12" Standard Custom Hood Wall Mount Liner
BHPSLD Vent-A-Hood Custom Hood 12" Standard Wall Mount Liner
THSLE Vent-A-Hood Custom Hood 12" Standard Island Liner
THPSLE Vent-A-Hood 12" Standard Island Liner
MPSLD Vent-A-Hood Professional 22 1/2" Deep Wall Mount Liner
MSLD Vent-A-Hood 22 1/2" Deep Wall Mount Liner
KHSLD Vent-A-Hood K Series 6" Wall Hood Liner Insert

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