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Aga classic ranges are available in 16 contemporary colors. Please call to order an alternate color.

Aga alternate colors

The AGA eR7 Classic Cast Iron Collection is powered by electricity and possesses the iconic good looks you've come to expect from an AGA range, but with everyday enhanced controllability providing the option to set the ovens to different temperatures. The cast-iron ovens cook using radiant heat, meaning food tastes better and all the flavor, moisture and goodness is locked in.

The AGA eR7 100 gives you everything you love about the classic AGA Cast Iron range, but with the ability to turn each cooking area on and off, and the added convenience of touchscreen control to select from a range of cooking temperatures.

The three ovens - for roasting, baking and simmering - and two hotplates on the AGA eR7 100 are controlled by a touch-screen panel. Hotplates and ovens can be individually controlled, and for optimal control, there are 5 heat settings for the roasting oven and 4 for the baking oven.

The cast-iron ovens also feature an Altrashell coating, which seals the cast-iron and makes them easier to clean. For further ease, the inner door liners can be removed and placed in a dishwasher.

  • Control Panel - The AGA eR7 100 ranges feature a discreetly housed control panel for all oven operations
  • Easy To Clean - A special Altrashell coating seals the surface of the cast iron ovens making them easier to clean
  • Insulated Covers - The distinctive hallmark of the AGA, the highly polished stainless steel insulated covers are brought down over the hotplates to contain the heat when on and protect the hotplate when off. Individually assembled by hand.
  • ROASTING OVEN. This high temperature power house is used for starting off many foods. The top of the oven is used to grill food, while the center is used for fast roasting meat and poultry. The floor of this oven is perfect for cooking pizzas and it is also a ‘hidden hotplate’, where pans may be placed to oven-fry foods such as steak.
  • BAKING OVEN. The baking oven is maintained at a moderate heat, making it perfect for baking all kinds of cakes and cookies. It is ideal for moderate roasting, cooking fish and deep or layered dishes such a lasagne.
  • SLOW COOKING OVEN. Once food has been brought to temperature somewhere else on the range, it can simply be transferred to this oven where it will be bathed with gentle radiant heat and finish cooking.
  • BOILING PLATE. The AGA boiling plate delivers a really fast punch of heat for quickly boiling water, maintaining a rolling boil and for fast stir-fries in a wok. Ridged griddle pans are also used here for authentic grilled steaks, chops and cutlets. Both hotplates will accommodate three goodsized saucepans at the same time – to adjust the rate of cooking, simply partially offset to the side of the hotplate once the pan has come to temperature.
  • SIMMERING PLATE. The cooler AGA hotplate is designed for slowly bringing foods to a gentle simmer. Use it for heating milk, scrambled eggs and for making sauces – even tricky emulsion sauces, such as Hollandaise and Bearnaise, become easy. Used as a griddle, it will also make featherlight crepes and delicious toasted sandwiches.

    Approximate Dimensions (Inches)
    Height: 36 1/16
    Width: 38 7/8
    Depth: 27 1/2

    Consult product specification sheet for exact dimensions.
  • CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

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