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Aga classic ranges are available in 16 contemporary colors. Please call to order an alternate color.

Aga alternate colors

At 24" wide, the AGA Classic City model is great for small spaces. The ovens cook using radiant heat for great results. Plus, you can have that lovely, cozy AGA warmth in the kitchen whenever you want it.

This range is available in 17 Contemporary Colors. Please call to order color not listed

The two semi-rapid burners are especially suited for use with small pans, perfect for gentle simmering or poaching. The push-to-turn control knobs have both a high and low setting, the enameled cast-iron grates aide in proper heat distribution, and the vitreous enamel surface is easy to clean. Independent electric heating elements embedded in each cast-iron oven allow each oven to operate separately and independent from each other.

Like all AGA Classic ranges, the cast iron offers radiant, gentle heat to lock in moisture and flavor while keeping the texture and integrity of the food intact. Best of all, the ovens of the 24Ē City can be turned off unlike the traditional AGA Cooker.

  • Once an AGA is up to operating temperature, just a trickle of energy is all thatís needed to keep it there. You can choose from natural gas or electricity.

  • Insulated Covers - Twin insulated covers are the great AGA hallmark. When closed, they're gently warm to the touch. Open them, and both hot plates are instantly ready to cook.
  • Boiling Plate - Big enough to hold three average-sized saucepans at once, its high heat can boil water faster than most electric kettles.
  • Simmering Plate - A far gentler heat than the boiling plate, the simmering plate works wonders with sauces or when frying an egg. It holds three average-sized saucepans and can also be used as a griddle.

    3 Ovens
  • Roasting Oven - This oven is big enough to accommodate a 25-pound turkey. As versatile as it is spacious, it can also be used for grilling and baking.
  • Baking Oven - Like all AGA ovens, the cast-iron interior holds its heat, so don`t be afraid to open the door and take a peek at progress. Its moderate baking temperature is perfect for bread, cakes, and cookies.
  • Slow Cook Oven - Youíll never taste meat thatís as tender or flavorsome as meat that's been slow cooked in this oven. Simply slide in your dish first thing in the morning and pull it out at mealtime to enjoy the incredible result

    Can be used independently or with as a companion for your cast iron AGA range.

    Approximate Dimensions (Inches)
    Height: 35 7/8
    Width: 23 5/8
    Depth: 24 1/2

    Consult product installation guide for exact dimensions.
  • CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

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